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Economics Professor Richard D Wolff talks about how problems in Capitalism provokes opposition in his nationally syndicated show.  Special Guest Troy Walcott discusses about the hardships of 1800 striking workers and a Public Cable Option for New Yorkers.  


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Discussions about what's going on with Spectrum Strike 2017,  The New Labor Movement, and whatever we want to talk about!!

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Charter Communications blasted for not upholding deal to hire city-based contractors


The Daily News is reporting that an audit by the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications found that only seven of the 26 vendors Charter does business with are in the city — despite a stipulation that it use local labor whenever possible.

Only 27% of the vendors listed by Charter meet that requirement, the city said, not 77%, as claimed by Charter. Some of the addresses Charter submitted for its vendors were storage places, the audit found.


Charter/Spectrum Faces ‘Default’ Following Franchise Agreement Audit


The Mayor’s Office, on Saturday night, said that the findings of a newly-completed audit of Charter Communications’ Franchise Agreement with the City of New York could result in the city issuing a “default” against the mega-corporation. 


NYC Mayor wants other Companies to provide Internet Access for NYC

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Mayor Bill de Blasio's Administration is interested in bringing in other Internet Service Providers for New Yorkers.  This challenges Spectrum/Charter who has a huge stake and dominance in the NYC Broadband Internet Market.  What does this mean for you?


Local 3 member questions Mayor on  lowering cable bills by offering a Public Cable Option